Commercial and Recreational Clam Rakes


Clam Rakes for Commercial and Recreational Clamming
Our Clam Digging products are designed for both commercial and recreational clammers, we have the best all-purpose clam rakes that you will find anywhere on-line or in a store.  Our clamming and crabbing products are all hand-made in Southern New Jersey using all stainless steel material.

Check out our stainless steel clamming rakes and you will see why they are simple, effective and the best clam rakes at very affordable prices for Clam Diggers on both the east and west coasts of North America.Crabbing?
We have recently added topless crap traps to our lineup.  If you are a serious recreational crabber, you know the benefits of these crab traps. They are made with the same great quality that you have come to expect from us. Crabs are America’s favorite Crustaceans, and our easy-to-use supplies will help both experienced and beginner crabbers.

We have been supplying high-quality, stainless steel clam rakes to thousands of sportsmen from all over the United States and Canada since 2005.


Killerclamrakes The original stainless steel knife blade clam rake.

Clams belong to the group of animals called bivalves, which includes clams, mussels, oysters, and scallops. The soft body parts of these animals are enclosed between two shells; hence, the word bivalve. Bivalves are closely related to limpets, abalone, snails, slugs, squids, and octopuses. These animals, including bivalves, are collectively called mollusks.